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Monday, November 26, 2007

Daily Detective Week of 11/26

MONDAY: This stae is the nation's leader in lumber production.
TUESDAY: John Jacob Astor built a fur trading post in this state in 1811. It became the first white settlement in the state.
WEDNESDAY: The deepest lake in the United States is found in this state. It lies in the crater of an extinct volcano.
THURSDAY: The Cascade Mountains in this state contain some of the highest peaks in North America.
FRIDAY: This state contains the end of the longest overland trail used by early settlers as they traveled west in the 1800s.

*Daily Detective name and clues copywrited by Instructional Fair, Inc.


Anonymous said...

my guest for 11/26 daily detective
is Oregon.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Anderson,
I think the answer is Oregon.
From, Justin.

Anonymous said...

I think the answer is Oregon.

Evan S.