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Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, May 12

MATH: Finish Journal pages 268 and 269, Study Link 9.8 (Use SRB p. 18 to help you with partial-products multiplication.) 

EXAMPLE: 8  x  2.12 = ?
Step 1: Use rounding to change the numbers into "easy" numbers that you know the facts for.
(8  x  2 = 16)
Step 2: Use the estimated product to help you figure out where to put the decimal in your final product. (The answer should be in the tens.)
Step 3: Multiply the real numbers without the decimal.
(8  x  212 = 1696)
Step 4: Use your estimated product (16) to tell you where to put the decimal (16.96).

READING: TFK Online Challenge due Friday, TFK quiz Friday
Show off your mystery novel projects!  A new slideshow is available for your viewing pleasure in the "Student Work" section of our class website!
SOCIAL STUDIES: Parent Signature on the Chapter 9 Study Guide, Test Wednesday

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