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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

3 & 3 (10/23)

* 3 & 3 is our special way to reflect upon the day's events. As a class, we discuss three of the day's events that were really great or especially interesting. We then create three goals that we hope to achieve the next school day. And that's why it's called 3 & 3!

Here's today's 3 & 3:
1. We are close to filling our cotton ball jar.
2. The fire safety trailor was interesting and Miss Anderson was really proud of our behavior.
3. We created our pumpkin glyphs (pictoral representations of data).

1. Perform a perfect show tomorrow.
2. Earn even more cotton balls and fries.
3. Continue to walk down the halls quietly. (We did a great job of this today!)

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