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Monday, October 29, 2007

Daily Detective Week of 10/29

MONDAY: Because of its breathtaking scenery, this state is called the Land of Enchantment.
TUESDAY: The world's first atomic bomb was tested in this state near Alamogordo in 1945.
WEDNESDAY: This state's longest and most important river is the Rio Grande, which flows south across the entire state.
THURSDAY: This state's capital was founded in 1610 and is the oldest capital city in the United States.
FRIDAY: Carlsbad Caverns are located in the southeastern part of this state.

*Daily Detective name and clues copywrited by Instructional Fair, Inc.


Anonymous said...

The answer to daily detective is New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

New Mexico Kevin

Anonymous said...

I think mystery state is New Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I think the Daily Detective state for this week is New Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Matthew=New Mexico

Anonymous said...

I think the Daily Detective answer is New Mexico.