Mock Rocks Day 1 Animoto

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Love That Dog : )


Anonymous said...

Your dog is SO CUTE!!!Also it's sort of funny bcause my dog can't do the smiling thing after he licks his face because he's a pug so his nose doesn't stick out, instead he sticks out his bottom lip and it looks really sad and cute.
P.S.It really is adorable when Tank tries to smile:)

Anonymous said...

she is so cute! My dog smiles a lot too.


Anonymous said...

I really like that dog!


Anonymous said...

You have a Cute Dog!!!

Anonymous said...

Your dog is the cutest thing!!!! I might get a puppy this summer and it's going to be a girl!i might name it Phebe! It might be a yorkie or a Pomeranian! But your dog is soooo cute!


Anonymous said...

so cute!!!! I wish I could get a dog!!!!!