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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday, April 22

What a great day fourth graders!  Remember to listen for the "everyday" music of your surroundings!  I had a lot of fun hearing your poems this morning. :)

WRITING: Cursive
SOCIAL STUDIES: Tuesday DG, Parent Signature on the Chapter 7 Study Guide
(We will continue studying tomorrow in class.  You will have a chance to make more flashcards to help you study.  REMEMBER:  You are responsible for knowing all the information on the front page of the study guide, and you need to be an EXPERT on YOUR COLONY only.)  
Our Chapter 7 Test is Thursday, April 24.

REMINDER: We have MATH MAP testing Thursday, April 24 at 9:15am.
We have READING MAP testing on Friday, April 25 at 10:45am. 

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